A Coffee and A Look at Qdos Arts in Lorne

Qdos Arts is a commanding hub for Lorne’s thriving contemporary arts scene. Established in 1987, this studio has grown to incorporate a gallery, café, sculpture park and treehouse accommodation.

Visitors drive up along a dirt track, leaving behind them the rolling waves near The Great Ocean Road. Towering eucalypts shelter Qdos Arts and the woody smell of bark is in the air. Here, a collection of contemporary works ranging from oil paintings, woodwork and sculpture, to jewellery and photography wait inside to be viewed.

Before viewing the spread of talented work on show, visitors can enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast in the adjoining café. Crusty fruit toast smeared with jam aside a steaming cappuccino make for an energising start to the day. Some of Qdos Arts’ sculpture can be admired from outdoor tables nearby, standing tall among the native plants. A cool breeze rustles leaves and the sun trickles through branches where kookaburras laugh and gurgle.

>It’s fascinating for visitors to wander the intimate gallery where eye-catching art can be found. Though, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a wander through the grounds and natural amphitheatre, as well as a peek in the nearby open studio. Qdos Arts is a hidden gem for both art buffs and day-trippers to Lorne.

Have a coffee and look at Qdos Arts for yourself.

35 Allenvale Road, Lorne Victoria Australia 3232. Phone (03) 5289 1989.

Open seven days a week in January from 8.30am to 7pm seven days a week, then Thursday to Monday 9.00am to 5pm in the remaining summer months, Thursday to Monday 9am to 5pm during Autumn and Spring and Friday to Monday 9am to 5pm during Winter. Treehouse accommodation is available all year round. Qdos Arts’ annual holidays fall in the last two weeks of May and August.

Qdos Arts offers students of ceramics and wood firing to work alongside Qdos Owner and Arts Coordinator Graeme Wilkie in the studio. For enquiries, check out Qdos Arts’ website. 

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