Is Moooving Art Moving Perceptions?

It’s taken me a long while to decide whether I wanted to publish these photos. I took them while on a lovely weekend away in Shepparton. We stayed in a gorgeous B&B – Australia’s first vegan B&B – which is situated right in the middle of the rolling properties that make up Shepparton’s dairy farms.

The cows in these photos are from a series of 100 installations that have been painted by Australian artists as part of Shepparton’s Moooving Art public exhibition. The cows can be found in various locations around the town and the exhibition, as a whole, is Shepparton’s way of paying homage to its dairy industry.

I no longer eat meat and dairy, so I struggled to decide whether a blog post about Moooving Art would be in conflict with my stance on diet and lifestyle. Though, after looking at my travel photos from a new angle, I realised that the unique personality of each cow has been accentuated through art.

Could it be possible that Moooving Art is allowing visitors to Shepparton a chance to view cows in a similar light to that of how we would perceive our pets at home?

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