The Art of Being your own Vegan Travel Agent and a GPSmyCity Giveaway

We live in a time when travel is as easy and as accessible as ever. We travel when we want, where we want, and at a budget that’s suited to each of us. I remember when I first started my travels – without my parents – back in 2000. I remember having to visit a travel agent, bring home armfuls of brochures and determine where to go before going back to the travel agent to book the tours and flights I wanted. Trust me, it was as exhausting as it sounds!

Now, we have the world at our fingertips. We can book flights, accommodation and tours in a matter of clicks on our smartphones. We choose where and when we want to travel without having to enlist the services of a travel agent, not to mention the paper wastage that brochures only lead to. We are, in effect, our own travel agents.

Each journey we embark on is as bespoke and unique as ourselves. Once we arrive at the destination we choose, we then try to work out what to experience while we’re there. Again, that’s when we employ our smartphones to research the best eateries, galleries, nature parks, attractions and more.

If you’re a vegan traveller, this means there’s even more excitement to research a city’s vegan options; we are elevated to a travel high unto itself. There’s a determined thrill in finding that quaint back-alley spot where we can grab a delicious, local vegan meal at a fraction of the price we would expect back home. These are the moments that define our vegan travels and this is the art of being our own vegan travel agents.

But what about those times when we book a trip at a whim, and we’re leaving next week. Panic sets in, and we start to worry about whether we’ll be able to find the vegan options in the city to where we’re travelling. This fear can be subdued, especially when we have a travel app installed to our smartphones and we can then travel with a peace of mind. If we don’t have time for research, someone has surely done the hard work for us? If we can’t be the all-encompassing vegan travel agent, then we can enlist the services of another vegan traveller who has made the trip prior. Local knowledge, specifically tailored to vegan travellers, is universal vegan currency.

One such app,, maps out self-guided walks in cities around the globe using individualised travel articles covering one central location. I have had the great honour in having some of my previous vegan travels converted into self-guided walking guides on the GPSmyCity app so you can travel vegan in confidence at short notice.

My latest vegan travel article – ‘Take a Vegan Tram Journey in Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone’ – has now been converted to a GPSmyCity guide. In the guide, GPSmyCity maps out the directions for you, giving you a self-guided approach that’s easy to use. You can create your own bank of guides, depending on the roads you follow, so you can individualise your vegan travels. If you focus on the vegan guides curated by me, you can be assured they’re all vegan-friendly (tried and tested by me).

To celebrate the launch of the GPSmyCity walking guide ‘Take a Vegan Tram Journey in Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone’, you can download it free of charge. All you need to do is install the GPSmyCity app. This freebie offer is only available from Monday, December 7 to Sunday, December 13 2020 (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time). Also, there’ll be more apps along the way. Stay tuned for further updates!

Disclaimer: I receive a percentage of revenue from apps sold via GPSmyCity from those apps that feature my vegan travel articles.

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