Goodbye Winter Walks, Hello Springtime Strolls

The last winter walk for the year happened to be at Lillydale Lake, one of the more popular lakes that lies to the far east of Melbourne. People flock here in their dozens, mostly to run around the soft path surrounding the lake or to give their dogs a much needed outing to sniff the grass and run their energy off.

Today was just as chilly as any other day for a winter walk, though the threatening clouds were kind enough to hold off on the rain so that a lap of the lake could happen. While the bushland is at a minimum here, the lake gives lots of distance to gaze over. Bunches of reeds hug the banks of Lillydale Lake, soaring into the air in strong blades. Birdlife is in abundance today, from ducks waddling along the shoreline to bush hens ducking their heads into the shallows of the wetlands for insects.

The park has roots as far back as 1853 when the land was turned into a reservoir to minimise flooding to the nearby township of Lilydale. Fast-forward to 1969 and the local council decided to develop the area into more of a park, and it wasn’t until 1988 when the construction of the lake officially started. The lake was completed in 1990 and has been enjoyed by visitors far and wide ever since.

Today, the scene is buzzing with pre-springtime activity. People are out in force, taking advantage of the clear weather and mild temperatures. Even the native wattle has decided to bloom, forming a golden ring around the lake and surrounding park grounds. Fluffy, golden balls of flowers have blossomed in their hundreds, announcing the arrival of spring. We can officially say goodbye to winter for another year.

Visit Lillydale Lake for a Springtime Stroll this month. 435 Swansea Road, Lilydale Victoria Australia 3140.

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