Vegan Day Out in Fitzroy at Radhey

Brunswick Street was the perfect place in Melbourne to hold the inaugural Vegan Day Out in Fitzroy weekend. A collection of Brunswick Street traders gathered last weekend to celebrate their vegan options on offer and all that is fabulous about being vegan. Melburnians from all over the city were encouraged to pick up a map from the Cruelty Free Shop, a specialist store selling vegan food and cruelty-free products. Many wandered along Brunswick Street to visit some of the many businesses along the strip that offer vegan choices and enjoyed celebrating the vegan lifestyle.

Discounts and options were aplenty along the trail and it was lovely to wander Brunswick Street in the glorious, wintery sunshine and try samples of new vegan grocery items, run into friends unexpectedly and enjoy a quick lunch. Our lunch-stop consisted of pasta, organic salads, curries, freshly brewed chai and raw desserts at Radhey Kitchen and Chai Bar.  

Congratulations to the Cruelty Free Shop for hosting and sponsoring a successful Vegan Day Out in Fitzroy weekend!

There are many other vegan surprises to be found on Fitzroy Street. Why not go for a wander and sample some for yourself?

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