Choosing my Vegan Options at the Chosen Bean Cafe

There was talk in my local newspaper that the Chosen Bean Cafe had revamped itself. With a larger venue and expanded menu, the Chosen Bean Cafe was also keen to embrace its passion to please its customers. Such a warm embrace can now be enjoyed at this latest and spacious site.

There was promise that the expanded menu wanted to appeal to as many tastes, and dietary requests, as possible. Sure enough, healthy and nourishing menu choices were found and abound – from the all day brunch menu of mushrooms, granolas, panini, smoothies and more, to the scrolling chalkboard of specials hanging proudly above the sun-soaked sitting area.

As the earthy aroma of the Chosen Bean Cafe’s rich coffee blends wafted from the grinding hum of its robust espresso machine (beans are roasted here onsite!), an almond milk latte – straight up – was ordered right away. It’s one thing to order a coffee in Melbourne, yet it’s a sublime experience sipping nature’s nectar with a plant-based milk. For me, it’s as nature had intended. Here, the Chosen Bean Cafe sees coffee as an art-form rather than a quick fix. I’d read that a cold drip coffee could also be ordered here, too. Yet, I decided it was a choice best left for the warmer months; a great excuse to return and sit back in the lazy sitting area outdoors.

Even on a busy late Sunday morning as this, my order was efficient in its arrival and brimming with nourishing green goodness. Pleasing customers with various dietary requests can be a balancing act, though the Chosen Bean Cafe has tapped into it finely with wholesome flavours. One of the day’s specials caught my eye early and arrived at the table exceeding expectation. Crowning two slices of seeded, gluten-free toast I found a bright and articulated bouquet of steamed veggies; sourced from the Yarra Valley that’s only a stone’s throw away.

Broccoli flowerettes, asparagus spears, lightly wilted spinach and alfalfa shoots sat snugly near a thick smearing of avocado hummus and peppered by toasted pine nuts, sesame seeds and pepitas. A wedge of lime, anchored on the plate by the hummus, was longing to be squeezed over the meal. A dollop of almond feta peeked from underneath the spinach as I grazed on little sweet potato crisps found floating within. With a drizzle of olive oil, my flavourful brunch was eaten with care, so as not to waste a moment in enjoying these fresh and nourishing vegan flavours. Choosing the vegan option at the Chosen Bean Cafe did not disappoint!     

Choose your delicious vegan options and quality, award-winning coffee at the Chosen Bean Cafe, Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, Shop 11a, 1880 Ferntree Gully Road, Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156. Phone 03 9752 2489. Monday to Friday 7.00am to 5.00pm, Saturday 8.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday 8.30am to 3.00pm.

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