Last-Minute Travel Packing Tips for the No-Time Traveller

There are only nine days before I head off for some more vegan travel and the time for travel packing is inching closer. I don’t know about you, but I have always been a last-minute travel packer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an organised person. Yet, travel packing has always been a last-minute task for me. Last-minute packing for travel means I can hone my attention and be more discerning in what I pack into my bag. This makes for the best way to pack with razor-sharp precision and efficiency.

To pack at the last minute, you still need to organise when to pack      

Funnily enough, travel packing at the last minute still relies on an element of organisation. Working out when to pack is the key to a successful last-minute packing session. Open up your calendar or diary, and see where a decent gap lies. If you have a day or afternoon free in the week leading up to your departure date, block it out. Use anything you can to block this time out – alerts, pens, highlighters, alarms, etc. Then, don’t book in anything else that comes up! This is how you can optimise effective travel packing at the last minute.

Keep up to date with your laundry

At this point, you still have a decent week to do your laundry. Keeping up to date with your laundry means you have more clothes to choose from. Wash and dry your laundry in small batches if it means your time is still limited. What helps me more, is having a separate set of clothes put aside just for my vegan travel. This can then minimise the effort you put into your travel packing.

Write a list of items to pack in your travel bag   

List-writing is a helpful way to hone in on what you need to pack as opposed as to what you want to pack. What you need to pack should include the bare basics – toiletries, underwear, basic clothes, shoes and medications. You can write your list at times when you think you don’t have time. Write your list on the train to work, on your lunchbreak or while you’re waiting for an appointment. Once you’re list is complete, start crossing off or minimising your list items so you know you’re within weight restrictions. There is time available to prepare your list; you just need to look closely at your schedule for the gaps. It’s the small steps before you pack that make the difference.

Choose your travel bag of choice

Make sure you retrieve your travel bag from the cupboard or garage. Give it a quick once-over to ensure it’s not damaged or compromised. The type of travel you’re embarking on will dictate what travel bag you’ll use. Just make sure the dimensions are in accordance to any restrictions stipulated by the airline, or cruise-ship, bus or train.

It’s now travel packing day. So, what now?

Kudos to you if you’ve reached your packing day without compromising this time! Have your list at hand close by. Then start with the basics and move up the chain. Lay these items on your bed or floor so you have an aerial view of your travel items. You can also start to cull the items you don’t need at this point. If you’re a visual person like me, this ‘helicopter’ approach works really well.

What kind of travel packer are you? Are you a last-minute travel packer? What re your tips for a successful packing session before you fly out? I’d love to read your shared thoughts in the comments below.       

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