Reap the Benefits of a Great Australian Bushwalk

A great Australian bushwalk holds many benefits for travellers. It’s in our blood to wander and there’s unexplained beauty in that. Travellers are motivated to wander for many reasons – to explore new destinations, to find meaning or purpose in our lives or debunk a belief, to seek out connections and make life-long friends.

There are many benefits you can reap when you embark on a great Australian bushwalk such as:

  • Ease the body out of stress and into a more relaxed state
  • Improve mood, increase happiness and positive outlook
  • Fuel the body with fresh air
  • Increase core strength (especially if you’re carrying a backpack) and bone strength
  • Laser your awareness and focus when you wander unfamiliar territory; mindfulness
  • Explore your own ‘backyard’ to discover new destinations
  • Give your mind and body a release from the indoors and back into nature

Here are just a few great Australian bushwalks to get you moving in your travels so you can reap these benefits. There’s choice here, whether it’s a day of bushwalking or a few days of challenging hiking through the bush. Go find your hiking boots or sneakers so you can summon the desire to wander Australia’s natural world, and discover the beauty of your inner world too.

The Three Capes Track in Tasmania

There’s a special place lying beyond the gates of Tasmania’s historical convict site of Port Arthur. The Three Capes Track runs over four days and three nights (in eco-cabins). You walk in the direction of Cape Hauy while reaching as far south as Cape Pillar as you can. There’s only one way in and one way out, via a weaving boardwalk. This ensures the delicate ecosystems in the area are protected. Such remoteness, surrounded by the raw sounds of Tasmanian nature, is the gift here on the ‘Track’. You feel alive while feeling painfully small in this big, bright wilderness. This is a perception that’s sharpened as you witness the jagged cliff edge named ‘The Blade’.

Explore more destinations in Tasmania for a bushwalk:

  • Freycinet National Park
  • Bay of Fires
  • Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
  • King Island
  • Larapinta Trail

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in Tasmania.

Blue Mountains in New South Wales

The blue haze draping the peaks of Sydney’s outskirts gives the name to this stunning World-Heritage site. The Blue Mountains offer endless opportunities for you to wander this natural world. Quaint towns, including Leura and Blackheath, are nestled in these mountains. Though, it’s the surrounding natural wilderness and rolling outlook that attract bushwalkers. Scenic Skyway at Scenic World offers walkers views from 270 metres in the air. Lengthier walks can be taken, both guided and unguided, at ground level.

Explore more destinations in New South Wales for a bushwalk:

  • Coffs Coast
  • Jindabyne
  • Lord Howe Island
  • Murramarang National Park

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in New South Wales.

Great Ocean Road Walk in Victoria

Great Ocean Walk, 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps, Victoria, Australia

Victoria is famed by its stunning ocean drive that’s the Great Ocean Road. This natural landmark encompasses 200-plus kilometres of sprawling Victorian coastline. This road starts at Torquay and meanders past the ever-iconic 12 Apostles. What hugs this stretch is the Great Otway National Park. The Great Ocean Walk is a truly beautiful way to explore this part of Victoria and walkers have been welcomed on this bushwalk since the early 2000’s. You can choose between camping or staying in more comfortable lodgings while taking multi-day bushwalks.

Explore more destinations in Victoria for a bushwalk:

  • Grampians National Park
  • The Dandenong Ranges
  • Great Otway National Park
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Mount Feathertop

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in Victoria.

Mount Remarkable National Park in South Australia

Australia is a remarkable country in which to live, and the nature here is a gift to us. Unique flora and fauna accentuate the countless bushwalks throughout this country and South Australia echoes this. To emphasise this remarkableness, take a hike into Mount Remarkable National Park. Trails are lined by river red gums, tranquil waterways, and rich ochre ridges scissor through the landscape and deep gorges.

Explore more destinations in South Australia for a bushwalk:

  • Morialta Conservation Park
  • Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail
  • Cleland Conservation Park
  • Deep Creek Conservation Park

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in South Australia.

Bungle Bungle Range, Purnululu National Park in Western Australia

Another picturesque pocket of Australia is the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park. Here, the Bungle Bungle Ranges can be discovered and explored by foot. These orange and black striped rock formations emerge like giant beehives. If the bushwalker in you is seeking a shorter walk, you can take one with an Indigenous Australian guide (and you can learn more about the area’s 20,000 year history).

Explore more destinations in Western Australia for a bushwalk:

  • Bibbulmun Track Denmark Albany
  • Swan Canning Riverpark
  • Kokerbin Nature Reserve
  • Monkey Mia Reserve

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in Western Australia.

Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory

If you really want to be alone in the wilderness, then Kakadu National Park is one wild bushwalking experience. Up to 20,000 square kilometres of roaming land can be explored, seeped in traditions of indigenous Australian Dreamtime story and culture. This national wonder brings to visitors towering red wilderness and walks can be found to suit many fitness levels. This is the heartland of Australia’s ancient indigenous history. Choose a Kakadu walk at a level to suit your bushwalking skills.

Explore more destinations in the Northern Territory for a bushwalk:

  • Kata Tjuta NT
  • Katherine Gorge National Park NT
  • Kings Canyon NT
  • Litchfield National Park NT

Here are full lists of bushwalks and visitor information in the Northern Territory.

Misty Mountains Rainforest in Queensland

Travelling off the beaten track is instilled in the Australian travelling psyche. It’s so easy to get off the beaten track anywhere you go in Australia, even in tropical Queensland. Mountaintops shaded in mist, lush blankets of emerald shrubbery and smooth hillsides characterise the wilderness tracks in Misty Mountains Rainforest. Unruly creeks cascade along trails and crystal clear waterways; bushwalking paths that urge you on your bushwalk.

Explore more destinations in Queensland for a bushwalk:

  • Conondale Range Great Walk
  • Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk
  • Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail
  • Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island National Park

Here’s a full list of bushwalks and visitor information in Queensland.

So, have you embarked on a great Australian bushwalk? Perhaps, there’s a walk that’s not mentioned here? I’d love to hear about your Australian bushwalking experiences and local bushwalking secrets in the comments below.

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