How To Travel with a Vegan Family Member

Summer time means free time and free time means spending our days filled with travel. With Christmas and New Year celebrations occupying most of our time, we are drawn into travel situations when we’re in the company of family members we don’t see often. Catering for a vegan family member during spurts of travel may be stressful for some. Family members may not understand or don’t know how to deal with a travel situation where a vegan family member needs to be catered for.

Travelling with a vegan family member is easy. It’s just a matter of showing your vegan family member understanding and compassion through inclusion.

Choose inclusion over alienation

Deep listening helps when you plan to travel with a vegan family member. By listening to your vegan family member and learning about their lifestyle can give you an understanding of how he or she feels during family travel. Listen to your family member’s concerns; understand how you can include him or her in your travel plans so that he or she feels like a valued family member. All family members always want to feel included and loved. Don’t allow a lack of rationality interfere with your ability to bond with your loved vegan family member. Avoid leaving him or her behind.

Embrace your vegan family member’s ethics

Your vegan family member is not expecting you and the rest of the family to go vegan for the duration of a family trip. Yet, reaching an understanding is part and parcel of travelling the vegan road. Understand your vegan family member’s vegan ethics and why he or she went vegan in the first place. This will give you a blueprint for a travel itinerary. Understand that visiting animal attractions aren’t always going to be a wise travel choice. Eating at a predominantly meat-based restaurant is not always going to be an inclusive family travel experience.

Ask your vegan family member for travel ideas

Ask you vegan family member if he or she has any ideas to contribute to the family travel itinerary. Your vegan family member may know about an incredible restaurant in the area to try. Or, there may be a local animal sanctuary that could benefit from your family’s volunteering skills or patronage. You may not know it yet, but your vegan family member may have already researched the areas you’re travelling to and can offer some exciting travel ideas.

Help your vegan family member in the travel planning process

Take the initiative and call travel providers in advance about your vegan family member’s travel needs. Call restaurants in advance to confirm if they can cater for vegan patrons. Contact attractions and ask about their business practices if animals are involved. Again, ask your vegan family member for some tips on how to talk to travel providers and which questions to ask. If you’re unsure, ask your vegan family member to contact the travel provider directly. A longer conversation might be needed to ensure your vegan family member can be accommodated.

So, how do you include your vegan family member in your family travels? I’d love to hear your tips below. Happy Veganuary!

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