How Can You Support Vegan Businesses During Lockdown? Buy a Gift Voucher!

The lockdown in Melbourne has been rough on local vegan businesses. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is nearing and World Vegan Day is on November 1; only one week away. Furthermore, Christmas is just around the corner.

Melbourne’s vegan community looks forward to its favourite vegan businesses in Melbourne fully re-opening, and is currently enjoying the vegan products made by businesses that are still trading.

So, how can you further support vegan businesses in Melbourne? Another way is by buying gift vouchers for our loved ones. Here’s a quick roundup of vegan businesses in Melbourne where you can buy a gift voucher. Your loved ones will thank you for it, too.

Vegan Takeaway Food, Drinks and Treats

Home Vegan Bar

Everything is made with love and gratitude at Home Vegan Bar. Home Vegan Bar makes a rainbow of vegan food and nutrition from fresh pressed juices to salads and short order meals. Their juices, juice cleanses and nut mylks can also be purchased in bulk and the bottles can be returned under Home Vegan Bar’s recycle program. Show your gratitude for someone in your life with a gift voucher for a choice of juice packs of a $50 or $100 voucher to spend as they choose.  They can be ordered via Home Vegan Bar’s website.

Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli

Smith & Daughters is a vegan bar and eatery in the heart of Fitzroy’s plant-based dining hub. Smith & Daughters also has a vegan short-order deli called Smith & Deli. The best part about Smith & Daughters gift vouchers is that they can be split across visits/orders plus you can select the voucher amount. All vouchers are valid for both locations. You can order them via the ‘vouchers’ tab on the Smith & Daughters website.

Woking Amazing

Vegan food trucks and mobile food businesses have been affected greatly during this time and Melbourne vegans are missing one in particular – Woking Amazing. We miss Woking’s burgers, vegan salt and pepper squid and bao buns, plus their vegan duck pancakes. Let’s support Woking Amazing’s anticipated return by buying a gift voucher now. Then, once Woking Amazing is trading again, your friends can redeem it for these sensational Asian-style vegan favourites.  Denominations of $25, $50, $75 and $100 are available to purchase online (you can customise the amount you want, too).


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Vegan Food Supplies and Home Delivery


Compassioneat is a nutritious vegan meal delivery service that’s affordable, simple and tasty. Fulfilling main meals, soups, breakfasts and burritos are on the menu and delivered door-to-door. Meals are made fresh, then arrive frozen in 100% compostable packaging. Gift vouchers are available via Compassioneat’s website in various increments from $10 up to $300.

Hello Friend Foods

Hello Friend Foods create delicious and sustainable dairy-free cheese that’s suitable for vegans. A range of delicious cheeses available and ready to use in the kitchen from mozzarella and haloumi to cheese sauces. Or, why not buy a tote bag! All deliveries are to door-to-door and gift vouchers can be purchased online in $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations.

Pana Organic

For a sweet treat, Pana Chocolate has an endless list of handmade chocolate products that are all guilt-free, gluten-free and vegan. Pana also make their products with the least amount of impact on the environment possible. Blocks of chocolate and jars of chocolate spread are on hand for the chocoholic in your life. Order a gift voucher in $30, $50 and $100 increments from their website.

The Cruelty Free Shop

The Cruelty Free Shop is Melbourne’s first all-vegan grocery store. Not only do they operate from a shopfront in Fitzroy, they take orders online. A wide range of vegan products are on offer including food, health, fashion, beauty, household items and gift cards. Purchase the cards here in a range of denominations.


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Vegan Shoes, Clothing and Accessories


Etiko is Australia’s most ethical, fair trade clothing brand and they sell many clothing items including t-shirts, singlets, hoodies, leggings and underwear as well as casual shoes and bags.  You can even buy Etiko face-masks; the perfect and safe accessory for Melburnians right now. Purchase a gift voucher online in increments of $50 starting at $50.

Vegan Style

Vegan Style’s presence in inner-city Melbourne means they’ve built a dedicated following among the local vegan community. They are known for their products that are cruelty-free, ethically made and high quality while being environmentally friendly. There’s a vast choice of men’s and women’s shoes, wallets, bags and accessories, underwear items and cosmetics. Gift cards are available to purchase from their website in increments of $50 up to $500 that can be spent online or in-store once their physical shop re-opens to foot traffic.


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