The June Edition of The Vegan View

Finally! I have some time to bring you the latest edition of The Vegan View.

“Why so long?” I hear you ask? Well, it was a little thing called changing jobs. As a result, my lack of vegan views has come down to so much to learn, so little brain power left for all the vegan words.  Still, I have some great vegan words to share. Let’s jump in.

This new gelato spot is a sweetheart

A gelato shop with a selection of vegan options is always a welcomed surprise. But a whole gelato store dedicated to all the vegan things? This is definitely a sign of the times. Naturally, it can only happen in Melbourne.

Melbourne has done it again, and Sweethearts Gelato has opened in Preston. Sweethearts Gelato is 100% plant based and uses organic and locally sourced ingredients. You can read the full report over at Time Out.

Frankie Magazine is getting on the mock meats

It was a surprise to see a major national magazine decided to review some of the biggest players in mock meats in Australia. If you’re someone who hasn’t yet ventured into the mock world, then this article is a good place to start.

You can now view Maa Ka Doodh (Mother’s Milk) on YouTube  

The documentary Maa Ka Doodh is a documentary that lifts the lid on the dairy industry in India. At the Jaipur International Film Festival, it won Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Film Which Gives Global Message.

You can now head to Youtube and check it out.

Melbourne is offered a Copper Branch

One of the largest vegan chains has landed in Melbourne. Copper Branch has decided to open its doors in the inner-city vegan hub of Collingwood. The Canadian chain has 50 locations around the world, and their Australia one is its first in the Southern Hemisphere.

You will have your vegan meals covered here, from breakfast to dessert. Get the scoop at Broadsheet.

Did you love The Game Changers? If so, get ready for number 2.

Yep, you read correctly. If you saw the first Game Changers movie, you’ll be excited to hear there’s going to be second. Stay tuned for more news, but you can read the announcement to get the full story.

Fitzroy gets a new bar and vegan antipasti is one of the stars

Yearning for a retro bar that plays all the 70s disco kits and serves up vegan surprises? Then head to Follies in Fitzroy. The menu is spruiked as ‘Melbourne Mediterranean’ and the vegan antipasti even has vegan meatballs. Get the full story at Broadsheet.

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