Vegan Vegout is Back on the Menu for 2024

The occasional Vegan Vegout event at Welcome to Thornbury was a welcomed novelty. For one night only, Welcome to Thornbury would host all-vegan food trucks, stands and food. The event made a quick return at the end of last year and they are now back for 2024.

Not only are these events returning in 2024, but they are also being held on the southern side of Melbourne.

What is Vegan Vegout?

Vegan Vegout is the event where food trucks and stalls will host their all-vegan food alongside a bar where you can also buy vegan-friendly drinks. They were originally held only at Welcome to Thornbury (northside event), but they are also now being held in Mordialloc (southside event) for travellers who cannot get to Thornbury.

What time does Vegan Vegout run until?

Each event is held on a Thursday from 5pm to 9pm. I would suggest arriving as early as you can because these events are getting immensely popular, particularly on sunny days. You also do not want to risk missing out on any food if any food trucks sell out unexpectedly early.

What kind of vendors can I expect at a Vena Vegout?

Expect all kinds of vegan and vegan-friendly food vendors, like Woking Amazing and Little Mylkbar, to something a little sweet like Gingersnap Patisserie, and animal charities like Rosie’s Hospice of Compassion. There’s vegan food for all tastes and food that goes well with drinks like burgers, tacos, fries, and toasties. If you do not drink, you will be able to find non-alcoholic beverages.

Can I BYO containers to the events?

In my experience, you can! Take your reusable containers, cups and cutlery and check with staff at each food truck if they will accept them. It is always a good idea to ask first.

Will there be enough variety of food?

Of course, there is! Be sure to follow the Woking Amazing Facebook page for upcoming event details including a list of vendors. Then, you can decide whether you want to go.

How do I know what to eat at Vegan Vegout?

If you think there will be too many options, then I suggest pacing yourself. Try a little bit of everything from the vendors you want to try. Better still, take a friend with you and you can help each other eat.

At the recent northside event, I ordered an Eggy Bacon Roll from Woking Amazing for main. Then for dessert, I ordered a hot chocolate from Little Mylkbar and a couple of cakes from Ginger Snap Patisserie. Not only did I try what I wanted, I also supported three businesses in the process. Plus, I did not miss out because there were plenty of gluten-free options.

Also, be sure to check out the not-for-profit stand on the night and support them as well. Support them by signing up to their mailing list, donating or buying some of their merch.

Can I take my kids and furbabies? Do I have to pay to get in?

Of course, you, can! Events are kid and dog friendly. Entry at all Vegan Vegout events is free.

Can I book a table?

Check each event to see if you can. But this is also when arriving early can work to your advantage.

I’m in! When is the next Vegan Vegout?

The next event is being held on Thursday 25 January at Urban Grounds Mordialloc from 5pm to 9pm (the night before the public holiday). Head to the Vegan Vegout southside edition event page on Facebook for all details, vendor announcements and to book your table.

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