The January Edition of The Vegan View

Happy New Year! This month’s edition of The Vegan View feels – somewhat – a little disjointed. However, it is a nice little showcase on what is being reported on and the rise of vegan-friendly events.

I genuinely believe that in 2024 we will continue to see vegan topics being reported on and many more events being hosted by those who want to make a difference.

I encourage you to dive in, no matter how many twists and turns this edition takes.

It takes a village…

When the ABC’s 7.30pm Report show aired the consequential reality of the bear bile industry in Vietnam, I partially breathed a sigh of relief. The report featured Animals Asia in its quest to rescue bears from the industry and rehabilitate them. Oftentimes, this is a heartbreaking process, but it gives every-day viewers in Australia a glimpse into what it means for animals kept for human purpose.

Times and attitudes are changing, but it will take more time. Though, it’s promising to see animal rescue groups doing the important groundwork that has the power to change hearts and minds.

Bonsoy reigns supreme. As to be expected.

Recently, The Guardian ran its own experiment and report as to which plant-based milks in Australian supermarkets are the best. Naturally, Bonsoy came out on top. It was a robust report which included many of my favourites. It is great to see how plant-based milks are getting this kind of attention in mainstream media.

Queensland’s biggest vegan event has been announced!

The Brisbane Vegan Expo is coming to Brisbane Showgrounds on September 14 and 15 this year. This is Queensland’s biggest vegan event, and it is the biggest opportunity for vegans and those who are vegan-curious to try the latest and best vegan products on the market. There will also be speakers including Masterchef alumni Simon Toohey.

You can book your tickets now.

Awaken the senses at Peninsula Hot Springs in March

The annual arts, culture and wellness event Awaken returns to Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria on March 16. Not only will you find immersive yoga classes by renowned teach Shiva Rea, but you will also hear from vegan wellness leaders Ana Forrest (who is vegan) and Jose Calarco plus experience an array of musicians.

An all-day ticket is $195 and gets you access from 9am to 9pm which also includes bathing in the thermal springs. Afternoon tickets for $125 each get you access and bathing from 2pm to 9pm.

Learn more, get the full program and book your tickets online.

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