The March Edition of The Vegan View

This month’s Vegan View is travelling a little closer to home because it has a lot to do with the amount of vegan products hitting the market. While veganism is rapidly on the rise, so too are those products we can’t do without.

If you didn’t know the difference between cruelty-free and vegan…

There was this brilliant article over at Mamamia about the difference between vegan and cruelty-free. Yes, the article was sponsored by Sukin (one of my favourite go-to brands for home and travel) though it’s a step in the right direction. Education is the key, and Mamamia knows how to target the female leader of the household.

Once you’re toiletries are sorted, pack your bags for a break!

It’s been impossible to travel due to lockdowns and pandemic concerns. The latter has also brought its fair share of stresses to everyone. Worry and stress don’t do the body good, and burnout is an increasing concern for many. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of burnout in previous years and sometimes it’s hard to recognise the signs. Luckily Traveltalk reported on them. Yes, we can all enjoy a short getaway and here are some ways to help you bust the burnout.

Yes, you can love your holidays and travel vegan…

I’ve been writing about vegan travel for about a decade now, and there are so many tips and tricks to incorporate into your journey. If you need more, then this is a comprehensive guide by loveholidays.  It’s always a good sign when mainstream travel agencies are flying the flag for the vegans, too.

Tasmania is also a popular spot for road-tripping Aussie vegans. Have you been?

I did get excited when AWOL reported on Tasmania’s best roadtrips. Yet, the vegan options were a little light-on. Check out my earlier posts on the top things to do in Tasmania as well as my Tassie holiday ideas.

Though, pizza in big cities might be more your style…

There was a big list of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney by Delicious, recently. But image my surprise (and distain) when I noticed that Gigi didn’t get a mention? This all-vegan Italian restaurant should not be missed with you’re in Sydney; an exquisite vegan Italian experience. But let’s not leave Melbourne out of the equation. Here is where you’ll find a selection of vegan pizza choices, not to mention the best vegan Italian food experience in Melbourne at a restaurant that’s not even vegan.

Melbourne is also known for its award-winning gin…

Yes, Melbourne is known as the third most vegan-friendly city in the world. The city gets this reputation because it doesn’t leave out its drinks either. Last year, Four Pillars Gin was awarded International Gin Producer of the Year and their products are vegan! (Except for one – their Christmas gin). Anyway, they appeared in the news again for their savoury take on their spirit. They’ve just released the Olive Leaf Gin, infused with olive oil and lemon to name a couple of the ingredients.

Another savoury option if you’re the savoury person in your household…

Finally, let’s give one more shout-out to those of you who are more savoury than sweet. Ever wanted to try Vegemite in fudge? Here’s your chance, courtesy of Peaceful Dumpling. The entire recipe is vegan, too. No veganising required!  Plus, you’ll get your dose of B vitamins. Bonus!

Do you have a vegan story to share or even a story that can be veganised? Contact me at [email protected] . Thank you in advance for sharing!

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