The 5 Best Seaweed Snacks in Australia to Try

Seaweed snacks are popular in many parts of Asia and now they’re popular in Australia, too. Why? Seaweed is an easy go-to source of B12 and omega-3 plus it’s packed with antioxidants as well as vitamins A, C and E. Seaweed is another easy source of iodine which supports thyroid function in the body. Furthermore, seaweed is a sustainable food source because you can eat the entire plant instead of only part of it.

The most common seaweed used in seaweed snack production is nori, from the red algae species including Pyropia yezoensis and Pyropia tenera.

The easiest and tastiest way to eat seaweed is by eating a seaweed snack. It’s just like eating a potato chip – seaweed snacks are flat, thin and crispy with a light salted or flavoured seasoning. Or, you can consume dried seaweed if it’s added to another favourite snack like chocolate. A seaweed snack is also a tasty option if you need a vegan-friendly option that is also dairy-free or if you need a snack choice that’s free from gluten. Plus, it’s the perfect size to pack into in your backpack when you’re out on the road.

So, which seaweed snacks are in Australia and where can you get your hands on them? Here’s a quick list of five seaweed snacks you can find in Australia.

Gimme Organic

You’ll find Gimme Organic seaweed snacks in a small range of flavours – premium roasted in olive oil, sea salt, toasted sesame or teriyaki. All snacks come in a 10-gram pack and you can buy them online at Buy Organics Online.

Honest Sea

Honest Sea is another organic seaweed snack that comes in a variety of flavours. Choose from your standard sea salt flavour, to sesame and teriyaki. If you need some heat in the flavour, then try the wasabi option. You can buy multipacks from Australian Organic Products.

Honest to Goodness

Regarded as a superfood from the Sea, you’ll find Honest to Goodness seaweed snack in single five-gram packs or bulk packs of six. Like many seaweed snacks, they are nut-free, gluten-free and low-carb alternative to packets of chips. Honest to Goodness – the company – is a B Certified Corporation that is Australian certified organic and family-owned.

Ceres Organics

Ceres Organics makes an organic roasted seaweed snack from nori. This self-described ‘tidal wave of taste’ comes in multipacks of eight two-gram serves and uses all-organic ingredients. Ceres Organics is one of Australia’s leading organic food processors and they’ve been doing this for over 40 years. Eating seaweed snacks is one way to eat organic to fight climate change, and eat for change for the benefit of our world overall.

Alg Seaweed Chocolate Snack

Alg Seaweed has turned the concept of seaweed snack on its head. They have partnered with Melbourne’s Ratio Cocoa Roasters to create blocks of handmade chocolates sprinkled with a blend of five sustainably and organically farmed and wild-harvested seaweed from around the world. Or, you can choose a block with dulce seaweed. All blocks are in 70g sizes and there are vegan options.

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