The September Edition of The Vegan View

My birthday month always feel strange to me. I don’t like the attention, nor do I like celebrating. But what I do love about my birthday month is that I can make a conscious choice. I can either be of service to myself or I can be of service to other selves. That’s why I volunteer for Lamb Care Australia all-year round, including September.

Rather than presents or cards, I’ve suggested to my husband to make a donation to the organisation. If you feel you’d like to do the same, then you can make a donation here. There’s nothing better than making a contribution to help save lives. Whether it’s going vegan, volunteering your time or making a contribution, we all have the capacity to help save lives.

Speaking of Lamb Care Australia…

There is a fabulous article about the organisation over at Let’s Go Vegan. You can learn more about how the organisation runs, and how the organisation’s president got involved in lamb rescuing.

If you’re looking for something to do next month, you can visit us at the Lamb Care Australia Vegan Bake Sale on Saturday, October 8. We are holding it at the Vegan Grocery Store in Fitzroy here in Melbourne from 11am to 3pm or until stock sells out. It’ll be awesome to see you there.

Love vegan chocolate, love seeing vegans getting the accolades!

Yes, chocolate is one of my favourite foods. But this accolade doesn’t directly involve vegan chocolate.

Shannon Martinez has been one of Melbourne’s most prolific plant-based pioneers in Melbourne. And, she has been known to make a mean tarte de chocolate Azteca.

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival has inducted her into its Legends Hall of Fame for her ground-breaking work on the city’s culinary scene.  She received the Trailblazer award. We have her to thank for helping to elevate Melbourne’s vegan status on an international scale. It’s so good to say that my hometown is a much sought after vegan foodie destination.

Melbourne is also known for zero waste stores…

Zero waste stores are popping up around Melbourne to meet demand from those who refuse to buy their food in plastic and waste.

Luckily, there are a number of locations on TimeOut’s list which I can recommend for vegan options. My suggestions are CERES Grocery and Bakery, Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Terra Madre.

Another store which should be on the list is Seedtime & Harvest Wholefoods in Boronia. It’s only a short walk from Boronia train station if you don’t want to drive there.

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