Treat Your Vegan Valentine in Melbourne on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for those who want to declare their love for their beloved. There are many ways to make your vegan valentine feel incredibly special in Melbourne. But remember – it is the thought that counts. Plus, you do not always have to spend excessive amounts of money.

Take the day off and let the day take you where it wants you to go…

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday. Why not take a mid-week break and spend the day with your beloved?

If you are planner, plan wonderful things you both love doing together. If you prefer to take it as it comes, just so that. Sleep in, make each other breakfast in bed and go on long walks in nature. Or head to the movies and enjoy a midday matinee. Go to those places you never have time to get to, or just spend the entire day in bed and relax. If you decide to cook, you can check out this robust list of vegan Valetine’s Day recipes from the BBC.

Whatever you choose to do, they key is to go at your own pace.

Ask someone else to make the foodie decisions for you…

There are a few ‘Feed Me’ vegan menus around Melbourne. Have you ever tried Yeah Boy in Windsor? They have a Feed Me Food menu where you can try all of venue’s faves. You can choose your own dishes but where is the romantic fun in that?

Choose spontaneity and ask the chef to choose the dishes for you. The suspense is fun, and you can enjoy the bar drinks in between each course. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available.

Other spots for a Feed Me menu around town include:

Check in advance if these locations are hosting special Valentine’s Day menus. Or you can rebel against the actual date of Valetine’s Day and try any one of these on any other day of that week.

Donate to our loved one’s favourite animal charity…

One of the best things you can do to show love for your loved one and the animals is by donating to their favourite animal charity on their behalf. If the charity has a sanctuary, can you organise a day of volunteering there? Either way, you will sing to your loved one’s heart.

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