The February Edition of The Vegan View

There are mixed emotions for this year’s February. Storms hit Melbourne badly, to the point where thousands of homes and businesses were without power.

I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my partner at The Independent in the aftermath of the storms. Roads were cleared of debris which was left in high piles on the roadside. Power lines were strewn across some roads and large trees had been chain-sawn for the safety of drivers.

The Independent was still able to operate, while many businesses had to turn diners away on one of the busiest nights of the year. Bittersweet feelings were running high.

Let’s uncover some positive vegan news from this month.

Indigenous Australians point to Indigenous plant foods for flavour.

SBS recently wrote about three main ingredients in indigenous Australian cooking which also happen to be from plants. You can learn more about Geraldton Wax, Myrtles, and Kakadu Plum, and how these ingredients underscore indigenous cooking.

As the interviewee Damien Coulthard said:

“When we understand language, land and food, we combine that together and start to learn the true history of this country.”

Another plant food is good for you!

SBS dug further into plants this month to explore mangoes and how all parts of this fruit are good for you.

Crack open a mango and learn about how each part of it has health benefits. It is an interesting and fascinating read. Plus, it is a good lesson in minimising food waste.

If you do not do Brussels sprouts, this recipe is for you.

I have a love-hate relationship with Brussels sprouts. I love them chargrilled and I hate them steamed and boiled. If you want a delectable recipe for these divisive plants, then head to The Daily Good’s latest share. You just need to swap the honey out for maple syrup. Easy!

Mindfood brings the vegan savoury and sweet goods.

Need a good passata recipe? What about a summery dessert idea? Then head to Mindfood this month where they do both. Make your next pasta dish with this homemade sauce and finish the meal with a raw raspberry coconut cake. All the flavours of summer are here.

Feel the burn at The 2024 Herb and Chilli Festival in Wandin

Yes, the fiery festival returns in 2024 to celebrate all that is good about chillies and herbs. The event is happening on March 16 and 17.

According to the event organisers, food trucks and market stalls will feature, and vegan options will be available both days. Vegan-specific stalls will be there, and most food outlets will have options. Find out more about the festival here.

Travel waste-free on Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is Sunday March 3. This is a national day in Australia where we are all encouraged to participate in a clean-up event to ‘clean up’ our local areas.

But how can we reduce or avoid waste in our travels? It’s important to keep sustainability front of mind when we travel and the good folk at Clean Up Australia have written a blog post on their top tips.

You can also check out my tips when you’re travelling in Melbourne, too.

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