The December Edition of The Vegan View

Well, Travellers. We’ve made it! It’s almost the end of the year and the start of Christmas. I just want to take this moment to thank you for your support in 2021 and I hope you enjoy the festive season over the coming days.

But before we get to Christmas, let’s take one final look at the vegan news that made it into the mainstream this month. There are some rippers, which I’m sure you’ll attest to. So what’s been happening in the last month of the calendar year?

Oxford University confirms what we already knew…a vegan diet is cheap!

You may already know that a vegan diet is cheap as well as healthy, provided we stick to the basics and we consume wholefoods. Sadly over recent years, a vegan diet has been portrayed as an expensive lifestyle choice. But like anything in life, if you stick the most expensive items your wallet is not going to like you.

Still, Oxford University did the numbers across a number of diets from balanced (I’m assuming this means the inclusion of animal-based products), flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan diets. The study also used food prices from the World Bank’s International Comparison Program and focused primarily on whole foods.

The study concluded that vegan diets were the most affordable in high-income countries and you could reduce your food costs by up to a third if you observed a whole food plant-based diet. No burning of back-pockets there!

Need social proof? Just head to Flave in Bondi according to The Brag…

Scott Findlay was trained by Gordon Ramsay and he’s a chef to the stars including Beyoncé, Sir Paul McCartney and Pink to name a few. Now he’s opened a spot in Bondi where you can eat like a rock star for “bugger all” according to The Brag.

Sounds like Flave really are all about the flavours – its menu features many of the meals that his rock star clientele enjoy eating. Flave is the first of six planned restaurants so stay tuned for more updates when more locations open.

SBS rocks the veggie world with its raw vs cooked veggie round-up

It’s a bonus when a national Australian media outlet includes articles exclusively about veggies. Veggies are indeed the king of the plate and will dominate any time they can (have you ever heard the phrase ‘meat and three veg’?)

This article in particular gives you a run-down on all the veggies that are best prepared when cooked. Plus the article gives you some kitchen-savvy tips and tricks. My favourite – the potato – gets a generous mention. Goodness, I love them.

Vegan cruelty-free travel is the way of the future. Just ask Fodor’s Travel

You’ll squeal in delight with this round-up from Fodor’s Travel. Even they know that vegan and cruelty-free travel is the way of the future. These are the 11 of the best travel companies out there that are offering tours and trips so you can travel with confidence.

As food choices shift to more of a vegan focus across the globe, travel needs to naturally follow. Demand for vegan travel will only rise once we can all start travelling again once the COVID pandemic eases. This is a great list to inspire you and your plans. The list includes my top pick – Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages. I’ve travelled with them four times now and I hope to start travelling with them again in the New Year. Fingers crossed!

‘Tis the season to go vegan according to The Saturday Paper

Yes! Thank you, The Saturday Paper. Christmas doesn’t have to be all about ham, turkey and seafood. Make Christmas a vegan one this year with this collection of delicious recipes. Why not try a Mushroom Wellington or Roasted Cauliflower instead?

Incidentally, Nat’s What I Reckon also weighs in with a vegan recipe

Yes, I am a fan of this heavy-metal fan slash metal guitarist slash comedian slash talented home cook. While naturally I don’t enjoy his non-vegan antics, I do love the fact that he champions (no pun intended) vegan dishes as well. Case in point, his cook-off with Aussie vegan drag queen Courtney Act during lockdowns past.

Nat’s latest vegan-friendly culinary slay is an incidentally vegan street coleslaw which featured over at Broadsheet recently. The hero of this dish is the humble chickpea. In Nat’s words: “Chickpeas are fu*king rad sh*t for a lot of reasons, by the way – they are a macronutrient goal-kicking lord – and they taste legendary, too.” I have to agree with him and I’m sure you will, too. Try whipping this dish up for an Aussie Christmas lunch which is never complete without a salad or two.

Have an incredible festive season, Travellers, and I hope you get to cook and eat all the amazing vegan food that you can possibly fit into one weekend of eating and drinking. And, be sure to bowl the guests over with what we already know – vegan food really does have the wow factor that traditional Christmas food lacks. Eat well and travel safe! See you on the flipside in 2022.


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