Justine de Jonge

I’m a freelance vegan travel writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. Fire & Tea is my destination where I can help you find the joy of vegan in your travels. Fire & Tea is also a map of my personal journey into becoming vegan, especially while on the road, and slipping into the vegan way of life.

Play Time at Shepparton Art Museum

Melbourne based artist Nick Selenitsch has arrived in Shepparton and his energising exhibition, simply titled ‘Play’, is bringing out the inner child from those who wander past his installations. It’s a joy to wander any exhibition, but it’s a bonus when the viewer is invited to interact with the artwork adorning the gallery halls. Interacting […]

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Travel-safe Tips for Women Travelling to India

There have been some highly-publicised attacks against women in India of late, spurring the notion that women shouldn’t travel there. Travellers travelling overseas do accept that there are risks when travelling anywhere in the world, and many know that unexpected disasters, crime and dangers could be encountered anytime, anywhere. India is no stranger to tourism,

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